There’s a better way to find talented technicians and service advisors for your German automotive repair facility, and we can help.

Over the last 2 years, the number one thing our clients and prospects have pointed out, as a major pain point for their business, was not being able to find the right staff to enable them to grow their business.

Hearing the feedback of this issue, we’ve come up with a strategy that isn’t the same “post the job everywhere you can think of and hope for the best”.

We’ve developed a strategy, using LinkedIn, that actively hunts down qualified technicians and service advisors.

By directly reaching out to prospective hires using our proprietary approach, we’re able to generate qualified applicants, techs and advisors, that work for the dealer and are open to a change of scenery and a better quality of life.

  • We will make contact with talented prospects and drive them to contact you directly
  • We are looking for quality techs that are currently employed
  • We charge a flat-rate affordable fee
  • Everything is kept strictly confidential
  • Save the time and expense of advertising
  • Don’t waste valuable production time answering calls and responding to unqualified Craigslist or Indeed responses.
  • We know your business and cater specifically to the German automotive independent repair shops
  • Fees are employer paid. The one-time fee is much less than the industry standard.
  • Response is immediate normally within 1 week

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