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How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors so that clients call you? First, get in front of consumers in the buying mode by getting your website on Page #1 of Google. Then show them a customized image building website so that they get to know you. But getting on the first page of a search engine search is critical in having new clients find you and must be part of your online marketing strategy.

If your website shows up on the first page of a search engine (i.e., Google) search, your site will receive more visitors. This is especially true if your site shows up on the first page of an organic (i.e., general, not SHOP name specific) search. Customers using “Mercedes repair Los Angeles” or “BMW service Long Beach” to find a German repair shop are in the buying mode and usually select a mechanic from one of the shops listed on the first page of the search. Study after study shows that internet users rarely move past the first page of a search.


Our clients’ websites are on Page #1 of Google. We start out by optimizing your Google Places page for quick results, usually within 2 weeks or less, because the Google Places section now comes up at the top of Page #1 above the organic search results. (See Image)


At the same time, we start optimizing your website for the organic listings but this takes a little bit longer to see good results usually 30-45 days. Being in the top 3 organic listings on Page #1 of Google is the long term goal for success (See image). Studies show that the top 3 organic online listings get 80% of the business. Our ultimate goal is to have you dominating Page #1 in the organic listings as well as in the Google Places listing for all of the keywords in your campaign.

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