What is a Web Presence Audit?

Over the years the team at German Repair Shop Marketing have developed successful best practices guaranteed to optimize your website & online presence. Our web presence audit will provide you with an in-depth video analysis and report on your website based on key questions across multiple areas including:


  • Does your homepage identify a problem or benefit?
  • Does your homepage identify who the site is targeting as a client?
  • Are there trust elements like reviews, client logos, or association badges?
  • Is there a blog with recently updated posts?
  • Is your home page content SEO-friendly with 300-400 words?
  • Are CTA’s (calls to action) featured?
  • Do icons linking to social networks appear on-page?
  • How does the website look on mobile devices?
  • Does your website have pages for each of the brands you service?
  • Do you have a page for each of the main services you offer?

Audience & SEO:

  • Are there calls to action for email capture?
  • SEO Friendly headlines
  • How is website traffic?
  • How does your website stack up against other local competition?
  • Does your site have the correct title tags & meta descriptions?
  • How is your website speed on desktop & mobile?
  • How are your current website rankings compared to your competition?
  • Does your website have broken pages that are not working?
  • Is your website secure?
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